“ We invited Joseph Joseph to work with the family owners of our business. He seemed expensive at first, but has proved to be very economical. We also used his services as a coach.
Joseph Joseph has been more than a coach. Through our sessions, he has evolved as a friend, mentor and peace-maker.
I would say Joseph is a coach with a heart and credit him with neutrality and outstanding memory. His ability to read one’s mind, coupled with his coaching expertise makes him a phenomenal facilitator. His judgment of a situation is most often spot on. He easily wins your trust and helps you to introspect meaningfully.
Each coaching session is a liberating experience and it helps overcome tension and improve inter-personal relationships. As a result of his 1 ½ year program, our family board has become more cohesive.
I strongly recommend him as a coach and facilitator for any family enterprise.

George Paul
Managing Director
Synthite Industries Ltd

““Joseph’s 1- year coaching program has helped me to effectively perform as a business leader.
I believed that my style was the best suited to my business environment before he came on board. His approach was systematic and measurable, though I must admit it was bit painful in the beginning. I slowly but visibly changed, and this change was visible to my team & I. What started with difficulty, soon became a habit and a new leadership skill.
Joseph is a keen listener of your problems and comes out with definitive answers and puts it across in simple and honest answers. He does not mince words when working the client, which is a big positive and brings out a true reflection of you. You can really speak your heart out, all in confidentiality and that’s rare to do at the highest level in an organisation.
I truly enjoyed my coaching relationship with Joseph and strongly recommend him to anyone who has the desire to further excel.
All the best Joseph.

Santosh Stephen
Symega Savoury Technology Ltd.

“I recall during my first session with Joseph, he mentioned that his role was not to find solutions to issues. What he did offer was a lot better –he helps you solve it by yourself ! As unbelievable as that may sound, after a year long program with him as my Coach, I can vouch that it is true and more importantly that the approach works!
Joseph’s role was that of a mirror or sounding board reflecting back on the issue at hand, the actions that can be taken, their likely consequences and so on. This is no mean task.
His success lies in his ability to be caring and no – nonsense in equal measure. An excellent listener, he often paraphrases your issue demonstrating an unwavering clarity of mind. Another great trait is that you never feel judged or rushed for time during a session with him. Yet, rarely do meetings go beyond the scheduled time.
Apart from Joseph being always available and just a phone call away for those moments as a leader when you want to explore an idea or bounce off a big decision with somebody with absolute confidentiality, the best part of the year long program is the measurable gain in leadership skills.

Paolo George
Aromco India

“ In a world full of people who are ready to prescribe the best way of doing things, Joseph the Coach, comes with a difference. He has the unique ability to distill and make one realize the behavioral patterns behind every incident and the implications it has amongst fellow beings at home or at work.
Joseph is dependable, affable and very professional in his approach. Confidentiality is a hallmark of the process.
Joseph’s ability to remain detached from the coachees’ emotions is a strength. A keen listener and observer with a good memory, Joseph can pave the way for personal growth. The rest is unto oneself. I wish him all the best.

Prem Kumar
Eastern Condiments Pvt Ltd

“Joseph came to be trusted and relied on by the owners despite their holding different positions on many areas of concern. He gained the owners confidence and thus was enabled to engage with the owners on issues we were struggling with, including the owner role in building and growing enterprise in contrast with their exercising the right and privileges of ownership.
In both these roles, as a Family Business Facilitator and Coach Joseph brings confidence and trust and most importantly integrity of purpose.
I have therefore the fullest confidence in recommending Joseph Joseph as a Coach to individuals who do not want their success take the wind out of their yearning.
Also I would strongly recommend him as a Facilitator to family organisations seeking to strengthen the family organisation by creating an enabling environment for growth of the family enterprise.”

Jose Dominic
Managing Director & CEO
CGH Earth
Kochi, Kerala – India.

“Joseph’s coaching process is to hold the mirror in front of you enabling you to decide what you want to change. He doesn’t instruct or advise but makes you choose!
It is very rare to see a good mix of a consultant, counselor and business expert in one person and perhaps this is his uniqueness. So I would call him more than a Coach, may be an ‘Expert Coach’
I recommend Joseph Joseph to all those businessmen and professionals, irrespective of the size and substance of the business that you are in. If you genuinely wish to change, here is the person who can help you do so.”

S R Nair
Managing Director
Team Frontline Limited
Kochi, Kerala -India
(S R Nair is also the President of the Kerala Management Association)

“Joseph was committed to my success. Being coached by Joseph opened new business and personal perspectives for me. He was truly on my team and has been great at giving me that extra push and asking for that little extra from me each time. He would always ask for more making me stretch beyond what was just comfortable.
Joseph’s coaching style is very respectful of the person/client. He is great with metaphors that give you a fresh perspective and he was genuinely focused on my success. We were truly an International team! Joseph has helped me take myself and my business more seriously.

Corinne Pyree-Marx
Formatrice, Coach Professionnelle Certifiée
Lyon – France

“Joseph as a coach is a great resource. He spends enough time with you to understand what you; your needs; and your challenges are.
He is a great listener with an elephant’s memory. Once he assesses the situation and challenges you are going through, he shares his perspective, which leads you to introspect. He doesn’t enforce his thinking on you. He simply shows you the light and you find the path yourself. Eventually, you would have the answer or solution that you have approached him for.
Another important aspect is that he is quite straight forward – he does not say things to please you. My relationship with Joseph has been quite interesting as I feel that the overall experience has made me a wiser and more aware person. I would love to approach Joseph again from time to time.
Thank you Joseph for all your help.””

Mukesh Dua
Sr, Manager Marketing
A Global Consulting & Technology Company
New Delhi- India

““I was coached by Joseph between Dec 2011 and 2012 April. 12 sessions of 45 minutes each, one day a week, on the phone. It was a wonderful, liberating and truly empowering experience. I recommend him as a coach and the process as something all professionals should undergo at key periods of their careers or even as a longer term proposition. Talking to him is like talking to your deepest self. He is non-judgmental, a great listener, always helps you see the other side of every story and challenges you to make and keep promises to yourself that will help you grow both personally and professionally.He pushes you to practice what you preach and walk the talk that is great.”

Niret Alva
Co- Founder
Miditech Pvt Ltd
New Delhi – India

“” Joseph’s coaching program has helped me change my perspective on my professional life, making interactions with my boss and my reportees a lot more positive and meaningful for me. And more importantly, I’ve been able to clearly identify my personal goals. Joseph is empathetic and gentle but knows how to drive you hard to break down self-imposed barriers.”

Nivedita Prabhu
General Manager
A Global Consulting & Technology Company
New Delhi – India

“” I was impressed by Josephs’ manner of doing things. Joseph is a great person, who understands human nature well – his ideas, skills, knowledge and understanding of people helps in resolving issues, conflicts in a much easier way. Joseph is probably one of the best professionals to work with and one of the smartest strategists. His excellent analytical capability and willingness to partner you enable both personal & professional development.””

Milind Naik
Pappilon Software Solutions Pvt Ltd
Bangalore India

“” Joseph has helped me regain focus and peace. His coaching cleared the confusion, enabled logical thinking and rid me of imaginary fears & doubts. Clarity and solutions with a happy state of mind – was a guaranteed result! Joseph is very understanding & patient, giving you so much independence and freedom while always ‘being there’ guiding, and supporting, changing direction by sometimes simply offering a different perspective and all with so much fun ! He makes you feel you’ve achieved it on your own and therefore I’m able to take complete ownership and never forget the path that I am now on. I can never thank you enough Joseph : I am a much better & more competent person now.”

Chaula Mazmudar
General Manager
The Gateway Hotel,Sasan Gir
Gujarat – India