How Long Will Coaching Take ?

How Long Will Coaching Take ?

A typical coaching program will require you to be availableonce a week or once a fortnight for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Effective coaching does not need face to face visual meetings with the coach. World over coaching sessions are done on the phone or over skype or other inexpensive/free telephony processes.

So you can do this from anywhere in the world – from your home, office, or even as you travel.

You talk, I listen. Typically you will speak 80% of the time and I will speak for 20%.

In between sessions there could be some work that you would choose to do. You may also choose to interact in between sessions via email or call for a quick chat to clarify or share

Sometimes people themselves are not very clear about what they want to do or achieve or change. The Coach helps you define and visualize the place you want to reach or the person you want to be or the task you want to accomplish.

The Coach helps you identify the gap, strategise, and helps you possess the competency to bridge that gap.Its a program that will maximise both your professional and personal potential.