The word “Coach” is a noun, which traditionally meant one of these two things:

a) A bus, minibus, car, carriage, wagon, compartment, van.

b) Instructor, trainer, manager, teacher, tutor, mentor, guru.

Both type of meanings are embedded in what is called Coaching today.

I’m looking forward to the day, when the noun ‘Coach’ will have a definitive third meaning in the dictionary.

Until then – Coaching, on this website, is the process of illuminating an idea within you, helping you to lift that idea and take it forward.

Unlike the teacher, trainer, mentor, guru, expert, consultant, the Coach does this not by telling you what to do. Or instructing you in any way. The Coach makes in fact No suggestions at all.

The Coach listens to you. Perhaps, more intensely than you’ve ever listened to yourself and definitely more intensely than anyone has ever listened to you.

The Coach never judges you. Never speaks to you with a tone of judgment. He accepts you for who you are. In fact he revels in you. He understands above all that creation is not a photocopier churning out carbon copies. He wants you to be you.

There are different areas of our lives that we may need partnership in. These different areas form the vocabulary of the titles you are increasingly witnessing amongst coaches. Business Coach. Life Coach. Executive Coach. Corporate Coach. Personal Coach. Relationship Coach.

Coaching is a process. It’s the process of unearthing the gold, the diamond,….. the wealth within you.

It is not the process of tapping the gold within the Teachers knowledge base or the expert, the trainer, the consultants’ knowledge base. We need that too, sure.

Not everybody is coachable. Though everybody needs a coach.

You’re coachable if you meet these two conditions:

a) You’re willing to work at yourself

b) You can see a gap between, who you are now, or how things are now and who you want to be or how you see things can be.

This may be in your business, your organisation, your manager, leader, relationship, purpose, strategy, money, life, love, family. Anywhere.

Individual coaching is done mostly on the phone.

Any session that lasts for more than 45 -60 minutes is generally NOT considered to be coaching. So if you’re current sessions are more than that you already know I’m talking about something else.

We work towards your goals. Not mine. Have you not found yourself resisting others when they try to teach, train or mentor you? If your experience is currently that – you’re not with a coach.

Contact me if you’d like a no-cost-to-you experience of coaching.

I belong to the International Coach Federation School of thought and am trained on their Core Competencies, Principles and Ethics. “Coach – U”, based in Australia, has trained me on this.

This is important to state and know because the coaching industry today resembles the wild west of yester years and everything goes. There currently exists no Government regulation or International Standards or mandatory certification.

Currently no license too is needed to establish a practice, so it is important You check the credentials of the person.