For Organisations

Organisations hire me to help with changes at three different levels

1) Intrapersonal

2) Interpersonal

3) Organisational

These changes are fundamentally of two kinds :

a) Developmental (b) Problem Resolution.

Below is a short summary of issues I’m good at at, been used for and effectively engage with.

1) Intrapersonal Developmental –

• Enhance use of emotional intelligence
• Increase skill level and knowledge required of complex and rapidly changing business
• Achieve work-life balance to enhance success and well-being

Intrapersonal Problem Resolution –

• Prevent executive derailment
• Avoid misalignment— regarding culture, responsibilities,operating styles—for executives in new environments
• Reduce high stress levels or other emotional factors that may be interfering with performance.

2) Interpersonal Developmental –

• Develop management and leadership skills among technical people
• Ensure success of leaders in the early stages of their new leadership position
• Develop capacity to model ideal feedback and relationship behaviors
• Support the goals and leadership challenges of women.

Interpersonal Problem Resolution –

• Retain talent and reduce turnover that is caused by a perceived lack of leadership
• Reduce conflict that interferes with collaboration among executive team members.
• Close gap in leadership skills currently required and what leaders know how to do.

3) Organisation Developmental –

• Coordinate and ensure involvement in succession planning
• Maximize development of all high-potential employees
• Increase capacity to revise business strategies and involve more people in the change process instigated by globalization, technology, and corporate mergers.

Organisation Problem Resolution –

•Remove obstacles, namely, executive resistance, that interfere with the implementation of key strategic initiatives and goals
• Move beyond malaise and fears related to issues such as recessions or traumatic events
• Eliminate obstacles that inhibit successful transitions for executives who are assuming new roles