For CEO’s

For CEO’s

Enhancing Leadership

The best CEO’s all over the world use a Coach.

While you will have your own unique needs, some typical challenges for CEO’s are:

~ To have a way to assess your leadership style without compromising your leadership position

~ To share your concerns and ideas on strategies without worry or ersosion.

~Because you recognize that you want to provide a model for your own executive team.

~ You’ve determined that some of your executives do not meet the standards of performance required to take the company to the next level.

~ You need to work through your executives, delegating both authority and responsibility.

~ You recognize you need to balance family life with and your powerful career without compromising your health and wellbeing.

~ Increase your industry visibility.

Typically,initially, we will have longer sessions and after 2- 3 months these usually taper off to once in a month sessions for a period of 30 to 45 minutes.

I understand the nature of your work and am flexible

If you need, or some unexpected difficulty arises we are able to schedule and spend the time necessary at your convenience.

Outcome of Coaching

~~ Adopting new ways of thinking about problems and developing solutions.

~~Developing techniques for showing greater empathy to team without diminishing powerful presence required to run your company.

~~ Building on ability to communicate powerfully.

~~Building listening skills that result in better relationships with team, staff and board.

~~ Ablity to set clear expectations and create an atmosphere of accountability.

~~Using your coach as a sounding board to discretely evaluate potential opportunities or confidentially “talk out” strategy

~~Increased stature in industry

~~ Developing the skill for purposeful introspection that allows you to maintain a high degree of self-awareness and supports successful decision making

~~Creating “real-time” self-observation practices and exercises to immediately experience new results while replacing ineffective behaviors

A universal common benefit is that you will find that you have increased your ability to make good judgements, decreased your reaction time and are increasingly proactive.