I believe in Power not Force. Leadership is the art of influence, not the muscle of position.

I am both a Family Business Facilitator and an Executive Coach. Bundled together I specialise as a Family Business Coach helping families make the transition from being a Family Business to becoming a Business Family. I help change the environment making it conducive and safe for growth for all concerned.

My special area of expertise is in relating and relationships. I have excellent exposure to conflict resolution and currently have a 100% success rate in removing deadlocks or logjams that occur in any form of relationships, either in the organisation space or in the personal space.

I am a Professionally Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation based in the USA and a CE Graduate from Coach U Australia.

I am also certified in the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder (USA) process of Coaching.

I work with individuals (ranging from housewives and students to C.E.O’s) teams and owners of businesses.

Over the last six years (I commenced in 2011) I believe I have mastered the Art Of Relationships and have successfully intervened in all forms of relationships both at the commercial and home fronts.

I have been married for 25 years and we have 5 children. Two daughters and three sons. The eldest daughter has been married for a year, and our eldest son is now working. The others are at different levels of school/college education. My wife is a home maker.

I’m Christian. I like old fashioned music…60’s and 70’s.When contemporary music has comprehensible lyrics I like these too. I read a lot. Play a lot with my kids.Love my wife.Sing. Play the guitar.I like the single malt too:)I love talking to strangers.

I set up this firm ” The You Tomorrow” on 1st Nov. 2011

My purpose is to partner people: individuals, families, enterprises, who seek success and acknowledge that we need help in changing ourselves. If that is you then this is me: I’ve helped people successfully deal with their fears and overcome their doubts. I’m passionate about anybody who wants to grow and gain mastery.

I’m comfortable interacting with people at any level. My own exposure has been at Board Levels with Managing Directors and CEO’s, but I’m also good with Senior & Middle level and the “High Potential” identified by Companies.