How I Coach

How I coach

Each Coach has his or her own style of Coaching, and I believe that understanding my style will help us make progress faster. Here is a brief description of it.

I believe each of us are masterpieces. Beautiful as we are and yet continually a work in progress

Each person is unique and different.

The Coach will listen to you intently, speaking little. The Coach will be listening to you as though you were listening to yourself with only that much greater intensity and with that much different perspective.

The Coach listen non-judgmentally, understanding that the position people can take and the perspectives they may possess are infinite. Your Coach will be able to empathise with you always and completely.

Your Coach ensures that the conversations don’t autopsy the past, but blueprint the future.

The Coach likes to offer small stories or parables that often reflect the situation you are speaking about.

I’m very comfortable with silences and patient with the knowledge that sometimes all you want is to be understood. I want you to use me as you need. I have no other pre prepared agenda or target that I need or want to achieve.

The Coach senses when you’re ready, and enjoy being the sounding board for your strategy. When you’re ready the Coach is able to push you far more than you would push yourself.

The way I coach, is not to for you to ‘get’ something, (which you will in any case) The way I coach is to partner you in becoming the person you’re now wanting to be. I mirror, I reflect. I illuminate.

Sometimes the Coaches questions may seem tough, direct and very challenging. I’m happy for you to take the time you need to answer.

My coaching rests completely on your desire to change and your ability to work at it.

Most times we will have a lot of fun together. I genuinely enjoy the stuff we deal with and can often help you find the lighter side of things.

What I have on my mind you will always know. I will never say something to you and think something else.

I will hold you accountable and remind you consistently of the promises you have made to yourself. I will sometimes push you harder than you would’ve have pushed yourself.