Making Good Of Corona Prevention

Making Good Of Corona Prevention

Man has corrupted software.

The corruption manifests itself in different ways amongst individuals.

One of the typical ways is that:

When a person is pointed out his/her wrong, he or she responds with anger instead of acknowledging the wrong, apologising for it, and appreciating the person who made it clear.

These types believe that only they have the right to say what they please. Regardless of it being rude, insulting, hurtful, or simply absurd, the other is only to listen and keep quiet.

They accord no rights to the other.

The other in turn displays corruption because what could have been explained and pointed out gently and kindly is too often pointed out in irritation, exasperation, and even anger.

The good news is that we don’t need to remain weakened by our corrupted selves.

This Corona call to abstain and fast from social contact, group entertainment activities, non- essential movements is a good time for reflection and rebuilding inner strength.

Why are you the way you are?

Don’t take yourself for granted.

Neither unlove your self.

Remember you are actively expecting another person to change ... this expectancy is rational only if you are able to change yourself.

Use this time to actively introspect and examine. Use the break from other distractions to embrace the self more lovingly.

What causes you to need to behave in a particular way?

Are you simply trapped in a perception, or way of being, that was useful at one time but has long lost its relevance?

(Remember the elephant that still believes the tiny chain can restrain it?)

Have you some outdated, useless beliefs or perceptions that rob you of who you actually are today?

Remember this definition for success and work at yourself daily:

Success is letting go of an identity that has served its purpose.

The elephant is a failure because it is trapped in the identity of the tiny chain restraint.

Man exploits this failure and some people are most likely exploiting yours…

(Working with families extensively, I have learnt that families can be our second worst enemies, simply because they tend to keep us in old chains.... just as they are usually also, our third largest source of strength.)

Are you perhaps restrained by the beliefs that are deep within you that are forgotten, but still control how your look at and respond to things. What you perhaps still think that you are not worthy of, and therefore deny yourself even the attempt to try?

You are worthy.

Love yourself deeply. Dive deep within, and find that greatness that is trapped in old, rotting nets that are strong simply because they have been left alone, but will break at your simplest tugging.

The dive needs effort. You will need to believe in a better, greater you and that needs the greater effort.

You may not reach the first time and may need multiple dives ... the dive I repeat needs effort. (The elephant is unable to make this effort ... the chain itself though is easy to break)

Love yourself...make good use of the Corona needs for distancing.

Love yourself and love others these coming weeks. Don’t move around unnecessarily around town and out of your homes. Explore deep within.

God bless.