Basics For The Modern Man

Basics For The Modern Man

Ten things many of us know, but somehow eludes others:

1) God is Love. We are not alone. God is in each one of us.

2) S/He who loves is godly. S/He who does not love is not godly.

3) True religion is going out of your way to help someone, and spending more than is comfortably affordable… money, understanding, and other efforts.

4) True religion is charity of thoughts towards your brother/neighbour, and not interfering in their affairs.

5) Taming the tongue is a near impossible task…those who achieve it are saints. Don’t let someone’s wagging tongue shock you. Only remember to carry your emotional umbrella/raincoat at all times.

6) Personal needs, wants, and desires, are to be regulated and controlled. Excess is the sign of a man lacking in self-control. From vanity, and appetites of all kinds, to religiosity… excess comes from the under-developed person.

7) Honour your father and your mother, not because they have earned it by their actions, but that no tree cuts its own roots and thrives. Family is wealth. The poor man turns his back to it.

8) Use strength (position, status, money, raw muscle) to not insist on ones own way, but to establish justice and the rights of others.

9) Sacrifice and suffering develops us. Ease and indulgence reduces us. Every moment is a choice between our developing or reducing selves. We make this choice for ourselves.

10) No particular religion makes a person godly, magically. The one who boasts of his or her own godliness is the furthest away from both religion and God…just as those who mock at these are.