Yesterdays Success Was My Life?

Yesterdays Success was my Life?

Yesterdays success was my life ?

Up gradation is a continual process. Regardless of what I possess and what I use, the world upgrades its software & tools relentlessly.

I either catch up or get left behind. Success, in that sense, is defined by the notion of remaining relevant. The extremely successful are those who offer new relevance to others.

Organisations focused on maintenance management, top down hierarchical structures, command and control modes are Pentium486 processers competing in a world embracing the 8-core processer.

For individuals too, cultural, philosophical perceptions provided each one of us with a set of behavioural competencies, which worked as long as those perceptions were relevant.

Many of our behavioural competencies though, while it brought us success previously are akin now to the Pentium486, functioning in the multi processor world.

We have the ability to upgrade ourselves internally; to embrace multi core processing. To remain relevant and more provide relevance to others.

Conversely, we also have the ability to embrace the status quo. To stop and say: “Yesterdays success was my life”

87% of the companies in the Fortune 500 list of 1955 no longer exist in the Fortune 500 list of 2011. Perhaps they yearn for the good old days?

What are you doing to ensure that, that won’t be your refrain?

Where you are today is the lowest rung of your personal ladder of growth. Don’t be deceived into believing it is the highest. A baby might well as believe that exiting the womb is the pinnacles of its success!

Changing the way we behave is one lucid way of up gradation. Not because something is wrong with the way we behave today, but that it will be wrong tomorrow.

Because the context within which we have learnt to behave is changing, and tomorrow’s context may not served by today’s behaviour.

Coaches are trained to help you deal with change. Coaches are trained and skilled at reflecting who you are in the context of your situation.

Any good driver knows that different traffic situations need different driving behaviours. I simply cannot continue driving the same way regardless of what’s happening around me.

Get a coach, because contexts are not as visible as traffic. Not to help you drive, because you are the expert, but to help you see.