Wealth & Poverty

Wealth & Poverty

The poor know what the rich are often blind to: Money does not alleviate poverty.

When a man promises to help and does not, you will know that you have met a person of poverty. His trappings seemed like he was rich and powerful, but make no mistake, he is poorer than you.

Another attribute is the lack of courtesy. For example, studies have displayed that in our digital age leaders respond to mail within twenty-four hours. Pretenders, the poor, have many reasons for not responding to you.

Don’t be hurt or upset by another’s poverty: simply learn to evaluate.

See now you will find people who appear rich & influential but are like springs without water, and mists driven by a storm. They mouth empty, boastful words.

Arrogance, rudeness, and empty hope are the open gate, the broad wide highway and the speed with which one travels towards poverty.

Any surprise that inherited wealth does not sustain?

Money does not buy happiness is the old adage. What I’m trying to say is that happiness buys money.

To be humble, confidant, courteous and honoring our word at all costs, is the toughest thing in this existence. It is the foundation of success. Nay! It is the dangling rope of success ~~ the higher one climbs the lesser one may let go.

Surely wealth or poverty is little else, but the simple reflection of our mindsets. One emanates from the mindset of abundance and the other from a mindset of scarcity.

The one is a leader & the other a clerk.

Don’t be surprised to discover therefore, that your janitor may be wealthier than you…or that he maybe the only leader you will ever meet face-to-face in your life.

Someone gave me this definition: “Coaching is to not let your success take the wind out of your yearning”

Success tends to produce arrogance, which copulates with its natural bedmate complacency, and gives birth to the other minions of poverty.

You see, the natural environment you live in, the world you try to survive in, is constantly ‘coaching’ you to poverty.

It tells you now, that you deserve to be treated differently. It assures you others don’t mind being treated shabbily. That really, you aren’t even really treating them badly – you’re simply behaving with them, as they deserve.

It asks you to stand on a pedestal; to think more highly of yourself.

Don’t worry it says. Nothing can go wrong. Everything will be as it is forever. Defend yourself. Protect yourself. Fight. You have limited time and limited space. Grab.

Success takes the wind out of our yearning only when success meant the feeding of our ego. The world coaches our ego. It alters our behavioral competence and deludes our mindset.

Could it be that this world’s greatest coaching tool is the grave that produces the mindset of scarcity in us.

What are you doing differently today to produce and sustain a mindset of abundance?