We Already Have Faith. We Need Reason

We already have faith. We need reason

Salvation is argued and fought about world over. Why does one need to be saved?

The drowning man screams for help. The beggar pleads for help. The sick cry out…why is salvation though, something that seems to be forced on us?

What does it mean to be lost?

Don’t we all know what it means to be illiterate, to be ignorant, or unskilled and underdeveloped?

Or do we? Have you come across this meaning of being lost before?

Being “Lost” = Finding Rationale for being your ungodly self.

We have a choice to be godly or ungodly. When we live by reasons that support our choosing the ungodly self we are lost.

Being “saved” is a matter of clear reason, not blind faith… Nor little understood performance/participation in rituals or dogma.

The “lost” too have faith. They have complete faith in (a) getting or insisting on their own way always and (b) bending the rules. It’s not the absence of faith that’s afflicting the lost… It’s the absence of reason.

The pointing finger and self-righteous indignation is the religion of those who belong to this faith.

Their creed stems from an undeniable truth that is corrupted: “We are not perfect, this we accept whole-heartedly, but we are never wrong!”

It is not the saved alone who live by faith. The reasoning that supports one type faith is different from the reason that supports the other.

The lost are blind, because when we are lost we are unaware and unable to articulate the reason that produces our faith, and our love for the material self. We may use God’s name in our arguments and articulation but we remain blind to the reality that we live for self-love, self-glory, seeking the appreciation of others. We remain blind to the fact that we operate out of fear, not out of hope.

The lost have faith in hate…in displaying superiority of the self.

The lost have faith in mockery…in ridiculing that, which is not the self.

The lost have faith in pleasure…in the ceaseless satiation of the senses.

The lost have a god, a faith and a religion.

There are two golden commandments these faithful religiously follow: never let anybody take advantage of you, or fool you.

This lost philosophy compels you to resist ‘evil’. Yet what is evil? Anything that is not advantageous to the material self!

Just as a pig finds salvation in filth, and a dog finds sustenance in its own vomit, so we find faith in our own foolishness.

When the overarching philosophy that governs reasoning is: “You have this ONE life only” it’s difficult not to be foolish…and perhaps impossible to posses a rationale for the godly self.