The Supernatural & You

The Supernatural & You

How often have you heard others or yourself explain things by stating “Oh? That’s only natural”?

Indeed, the record of human history is surely little else than the record of mans attempt to overcome what was natural?

We are born into the ‘natural’ plane. Our senses, our desires and our abilities all enable us to cater to these ‘Natural’ instincts and needs.

There are natural laws, like gravity, at work. Another natural law is the law of entropy…or the law of corruption. Everything corrupts, becomes bad, rotten, fails, dies. That is the natural flow of things. Nothing remains innocent. Nothing remains good. Nothing remains alive.

Born into our natural states we continually make a choice of how we will behave and continually choose the consequences of that choice…. sometimes when we are still ignorant of the real consequences too.

Like gravity, this is a law too – every choice has a consequence you cannot avoid regardless of your awareness of the consequence.

So when we choose to tolerate or accept our natural selves, (by saying “its only natural” we are already half-way to receiving unpleasant consequences because that (the power of corruption) is the overwhelming natural force of this world.

When we do not tolerate ourselves, we are fighting against that force of corruption that wants to overwhelm us and even if we do not as yet receive a real rewarding consequence, we are able to thwart the unpleasant consequence.

Dieting and moderate exercise for example, may not make us into athletes and fighting fit people, but it thwarts and delays the onset of ageing effects and diabetes and obesity.

If we consistently work at developing our selves, the real consequence may only be the thwarting of decay and deterioration…unless we are aware of the theory and science of the development needs.

If we refuse to deal with our selves, and refuse to work at and further develop ourselves saying “it is only Natural to – feel this way, react this way, act this way, think these thoughts, feed these desires, succumb to these sensations, possess this mindset….” The real consequence is always a further deterioration in us.

And now you see – the law of corruption wants to take that which is already unnatural and say: ‘”This is natural”. It wants to take that which is already corrupt and say – “Hey this is innocent.”

Imagine future men having to cope with that.

Imagine. You and I have little chance if we have to ( as in fact we did) embrace from birth that which is intrinsically unnatural as being natural, and even lesser chance at growth when we refuse to deal with it, or over come it, saying “This is only natural”

Aspire for the supernatural in everything. In every aspect of our lives and we may discover that our real reward is to find our natural selves.

Aspire for the supernatural in everything with tested theory and science and we may discover that the supernatural is willing to be found by us.