The Mirror & You

The Mirror & You

Is your Leadership blind? Are you seeing?

We are all coaches. In some form or the other. As Professionals our work is described as aligning the work force to the purposes of the enterprise. ‘Coaching’ the organisation to serve the purposes of the enterprise.

Businesses have used many different Learning and Development processes for this.

Coaching: using a Coach, and the coaching model is new.

How does your organisation work with an individual’s perceptions of self and social awareness, self and relationship management, and getting the individual to commit to dealing with environments & society differently from his past?

Training interventions, historically possess a Higher “Forgetting Curve” than the Learning Curve.

A coach, working with individuals, is able to target and develop key behavioral competencies, allowing people to see possibilities that were earlier hidden from them, crystallize purpose, learn, and adjust behaviour to produce new results.

The fundamental Philosophy of Coaching I believe is this:

Organisations and individuals need Integrity. The better we manage our integrity, the more successful we are. Failure is simply our inability to manage our integrity and success is our ability to do so.

Each individual, each organisation defines her own or its own integrity.

Integrity is not something to achieve or attain and then stow away in our emotional or spiritual Fixed Deposit and forget about.

Integrity is managed moment to moment. Integrity is the dynamic, and even risky, relationship each one of us has with our own Purpose and our own Path.

Coaching is like a mirror then. It enables us to peer and see whether our purpose and our path are aligned, and are being managed well. It brings to us the focus and clarity that we need to manage this for ourselves!

The blind don’t need a mirror.

Organisations bereft of coaching, struggle with developing sustainable, measurable programs that are able to target an employee’s individual perceptions and commitment, thereby reducing him/her to the clerical, non-innovative, risk free, lack of leadership that s/he possesses today…or will drift into tomorrow.

If you, or your business has a purpose for tomorrow – Find a Coach. Drifters slip into oblivion.