The Dream Within

The Dream Within

It’s been almost 3 months now since I abandoned the comfort of a secure job and income and made this leap into becoming a full time, independent, Family Business Facilitator and Coach.

The “follow your inner light” slogan came from the thought that perhaps we are best compared to a Sunflower and that in many ways we too grow and follow a ‘Sun’ or ‘Light’ and often the absence of that light dulls and frustrates us.

I discovered that the clouds that block out our light are rarely, if ever, external.

I discovered that at different stages of our lives, we needed to be either rooted firmly and growing steadily or understand that we were in a sort of nursery and were waiting to be transplanted.

I discovered that there was only a period of time for which we could remain rooted or stationary and that mystically all solid ground that we had built needed to be once again treated like a fragile nursery.

As HR Director in two industries : The Media first and later the Hospitality Industry, and as a Counselor earlier, I discovered that there were several common factors binding all men & women. One of the most important of these factors was that :

We all lived and saw life out of our own perspectives. There is simply no other way that we live. We are victims or beneficiaries of perspective.

Many people were unaware of what their perspective did for them. Instead they, like I, judged the world and attempted to live a life where simply speaking everybody else was wrong.

Successful people I quickly discovered were those who were willing to acknowledge that, perhaps, the perspective they owned was faulty. These were willing always to experiment and try out other points of view.

Successful people were always learning. Always following their inner light. Always ready to transplant themselves from the “nursery” of their current success to the garden of greater growth. And in every garden that they established themselves they were ready to consider that their ‘garden’ had once again become a nursery and they needed to make the efforts to grow once more.

Surely we don’t become nothing when we “die” in the manner of losing the flesh that we possess on this earth. Our bodies were a type of nursery and we are being transplanted to the garden. Some of us fruit. Some turn to weed.

The best thing is : I believe we never need to wait until tomorrow to know what our tomorrow is. Our tomorrow is in our today.

Which farmer plants a seed and then waits to know what will grow? He sees the tree in the seed. He chooses seeds rejecting some and nourishing others because in the seed he can already see the success, the fruit, the entire life of the seed.

Our tomorrow is today.

Once the choice becomes that of choosing between withering, or flowering once again, it becomes easy. We will flower unless, as I discovered early in life, our seed itself was bad. Loss of integrity is bad seed.

All fruit becomes seed. That’s almost a rule like the law of gravity for me. More real than witnessing any material law.

The clouds within us, darken and block out our light causing us often to be blind to the fact that we have changed. Circumstances have changed. Life has changed. That the good edible fruit we were has now become seed…..that we need to grow and fruit once again.

Individuals ignore this. Families ignore this. Enterprises; organisations ignore this.

My life changed dramatically when I discovered two things : One – I could be bad seed and needed to work at becoming good seed. Two – I would fruit, but rather than attempting to live off that fruit (which is illusion) I needed to be willing to be seed once again.

This blog is a means to flesh out my perspectives and placing it in the bright sun discover that perhaps I’m wrong and benefit by internally grafting the wonderful perspective that you in turn may posses.

Blogging is new to me and I’m grateful for any advice.