Taught To Fail

Taught To Fail

Little grows in the shade.

Oddly enough most of us have spent a lot of time learning to be unhappy.

I believe its raining success, happiness and joy, but we have our umbrellas of failure and misery, complaints and accusations, over ourselves. The rain is so torrential however, that in spite of ourselves, in spite of the ‘umbrella’, we end up getting at least, just a little bit wet.

This dampness we learn to call our life. We term as our reality.

We learnt to be unhappy by imbibing the subtle amalgamation of different ideas so that we no longer see them as two separate principles, but as one and the same thing.

For example the amalgamation of “Like” and Love”

We say things like – “ I love ice cream. I love chocolates. I love movies. I love reading….and then in the same breath we say – I love you.”

In all the things we “loved” what we enjoyed, was what the things did to or for us. Our “love” was another word for the pleasure the object brought us.

If I say, “I love you” with the same implication of meaning as “I love ice cream” I have amalgamated two different ideas.

If I can only like what you do for me, I begin to detest you when I’m expected to do things for you. I said I love you, but what I meant was I like what you did to me.

Relationships are fickle today perhaps, because people don’t associate the unique meaning with a word but the amalgamated meaning.

Take Pleasure and Happiness. These are two different things but most of us are now led to believe that we derive happiness from our pleasure.

Yet examine and you could see for yourselves perhaps, that pleasure doesn’t produce happiness nor happiness pleasure.

Pleasure is the result of things that are done for me where I am fundamentally passive and recipient.

Happiness is the result of things I do actively with the intention of creating, building, maintaining or restoring.

Somebody else derives happiness by providing of their own volition for your pleasure.

Pleasure that is sought as a result of things we do actively, with the intent of using, reducing or exploiting, is the pit-hole of our unhappiness.

In some mystic way we learnt that our happiness lay in our pleasure. It’s extremely difficult to believe the opposite.

That why the thought of having to learn once again to be happy….because really, we have not been in control of so many things we ‘learnt’ in the first place. They just entered in.

A first step is to find meaning to your word.

The second is to possess success not in spite, but because of, you.

Reexamine the premise.

It’s not that it’s not right to take pleasure in things, but that it is wrong to be unhappy.

We need that umbrella when we’re worried about what life will do to us. Get wet. Embrace success.

Don’t let the maggot in before the grave.