Receive Your Reward

Receive Your Reward

Have you noticed that we are almost constantly trying to figure out, or put together something?

Idiotically enough, the better we think we’ve become the more this occurs!

We all know for example how other people should drive. Or how they should speak – perhaps even the exact words they should have said. We all know how others should behave or react.

In some way, we seem to constantly find that we are trying to rectify something, prevent it from failing, wanting to make it perfect.

And there is always a missing piece.

Every house needs just that one more room. Every person we know needs just that little adjustment in behaviour. It’s a rare day and a rarer moment when everything is just perfect.

Like clothes that shrink, our expectations outgrow satisfaction. It simply never matters how satisfied we originally were.

Try this exercise.

Write down 10 things you are completely satisfied with in your life today; things that fall under your direct circle of influence. Things that you seek no change in at all.

Try and do that exercise before you read further.

Now try the opposite.

Try listing out why the ten most important people in your life may have sufficient reason to be dissatisfied with you.

Both lists are almost equally tough to create. Usually the people who are able to fill in the first list will be able to fill in the second one too and vice versa.

It’s not that we’re not flawed. It’s not even that we don’t recognize or acknowledge the fact that we’re flawed.

It’s just that usually our flaws don’t matter.

We are convinced that our flaws don’t get in the way of our objective. Other people’s flaws somehow are always a huge hindrance.

Have you noticed how much we are able to brood over an insult or a wrong done to us?

Somebody did something to us months, years ago, but somehow we simply cannot let it go.

Brooding seems to come naturally to us, without any real effort or training. There is simply no one out there making money offering “brooding classes”

Meditation classes though are a good business.

Only a lunatic would perhaps walk about with a thorn stuck in his flesh and do nothing about it.

Yet we often refuse to deal with a thorn in our inner being.

Imagine. The person with a thorn in his flesh is ignoring his pain and leaving the thorn in, but brooding, plotting, planning all the while on how to destroy and uproot the thorn tree, or change the rose plant.

Who does that? And yet, isn’t that what we do with our inner person?

We hurt ourselves most. Almost nothing else causes us as much damage as we ourselves.

Think about it. Everything beyond our control is perfect.

They lose their perfection once we seek to be in control.

Life is already perfect.

Allow it to reward you.