Pretense & Purpose

Pretense & Purpose

Have you noticed that there are people of purpose and people of pretense?

What I’ve noticed is that people seek out people who can in some way partner them, and assist in the completion of their purpose. They are continually in the hunt for catalysts who will enable them to achieve their purpose.

Therefore, when people seek us out, we must not forget, that knowingly or unknowingly they are seeking ‘catalysts’ of their purpose. We are those catalysts.

One builds us up. The other uses us. In both ways we fulfill purpose. The difference is, one is the pretender draining us; the other – the man of purpose – energizing us.

In the Bible man was commanded by God to rest. Ancient mankind was commanded to take a break.; to stop; to desist from working. So energized by purpose was man originally.

Today man is commanded to work; to stop; to desist from goofing about.

To me that is the most visible sign of corruption at work, of regress not progress, of a people bereft of purpose.

The man of purpose, I notice even now has to be told to rest. The pretender has to be coerced, cajoled, bribed before s/he would work.

What really differentiates a donkey from a man if we are to be treating both in the same way? Carrot and stick , carrot and stick? Also, following this silly process of getting men to work as though they were donkeys, what was it doing to me?

Alternatively, I discovered, the person of purpose hunts for his/her coach. S/he goes about seeking the coach out. They’re easy to work with. It’s a pleasure it’s a joy. I’d do it for free!

Everyone else has a reason why it’s not the correct time!

I realize now that the greatest evidence of purposelessness in my life were my eras of being “Mr. Know it all” who didn’t need anybody’s help….who could do it on his own. Naturally –since I was pretending.

The angst in failing family businesses is simply this pretense at purpose – the owners place themselves first and above everything else. They all want their purpose to serve them.

It is the same affliction I’ve noticed in individuals, in their careers, in their relationships, in their lives. The pretender wants purpose to serve him.