Money Rules, Cash Serves.

Money Rules, Cash Serves.

There is no heroism or virtue in poverty. It is as physical a disease as tuberculosis, as debilitating as AIDS.

A six-pack midriff and a six zero income requires equal discipline, work, and focus.

But currency is not equal to money.

All currency – Rupee Dollar Euros, are accepted mediums of exchange.

Read what’s written on your currency note, and you find that it promises you something. The value of the currency is directly proportional to the trust you and I have in this promise.

Bereft of this trust currency has less value than toilet paper.

The paper by itself is nothing compared to the trust we place in it. Our trust gives it life.

Money is the trust man places on the physical, the visible and the tangible.

Money is equal to the lack of trust man places on the invisible, the intangible and the unproven.

Currency can buy us every tangible need and therefore we have tended to associate it wholly with money.

Yet what intangible thing of value can currency buy?

Currency cannot purchase love. It cannot buy courage nor trade hope nor buy sympathy. It has no lease on understanding and lesser equity with wisdom.

In the realms of our intangibles currency is simply useless. A rich dad cannot love his son more than a poor dad. The rich do not feel more loved than the poor.

The sense of being loved, of being wanted, of being accepted and secure has nothing to do with currency.

Currency governs our tangibles.

Think about what part of you makes you, you. As you grow older, fatter, balder, what portion of you is the best thing about you?

How physical or tangible are these?

What is the root of all the trouble you have had previously or are currently experiencing in your relationships?

Is it not the deficit of trust?

Has not that deficit occurred because of something tangible that you desire to witness or experience from your partner, sibling, spouse, friend or stranger?

Its not that you don’t trust at all but that you now trust insufficiently.

This is money

Our dependence on the visible, our love for money, for the ‘reality’ that we can see is the single largest common reason why our lives are less successful than they ought to be.

Try this.

Trust your partner, sibling, spouse more than the physical evidence you possess about them. Gift trust immeasurably.

Trust that your best interests are no longer solely in your control.

Don’t worry that someone may let you down; that someone will not give you as much as you want. Allow them to do so.

In granting somebody the ability to fail, lies your superhighway to immense success.