Learning To Succeed

Learning To Succeed

The largest precursor of failure lies in this thought: “Blind Faith.” It is the curse of mankind.

Man is a rational being and in the absence of reason he is simply unable to employ faith.

If we really could operate with blind faith, we would be planting stones and watering these and waiting for a stone tree to grow. No sane man however will invest in this act, simply because his reason does not produce any faith.

Faith without reason is work without success.

The corner stone of all success is reason. Faith is putting reason to work.

Many of us lead less than successful, or once-was-successful lives, because we have walked off, or simply stopped, on the route to success.

The path to success has three stages and these are sequential and looped:

1) Putting faith to work.
2) Labouring in love.
3) Persevering in hope.
How often have you met someone who is labouring in frustration or angst or anger? The work is being done no doubt, but with clanging dishes and loud cursing and multiple complaints and it brings no joy and lesser success.

These are parents who after their kids grow up ask “What did we do wrong?”

The once-was successful CEO/Team leader’s favourite vocabulary is “ I can’t depend on my team.”

The failing employee simply hates going to work. Everyday is a drag.

A typical symptom of failure is the inability to pay the price upfront, to consistently seek delay or avoidance of paying the price.

Possessing no reason for a better world, a better system, a better place, a better person to be, they cannot work at, or hope for, better.

Don’t be misled by the past.

Success lies not in our achievements but in our achievables.

If you are embracing an achievement, you were once successful.

Success is not in our possessions, because the thing we need to possess for sustained success is hope.

If you love somebody, embrace their hope.

For sustained success, produce hope. Labour at it with passion and make that investment of faith.

Hope fulfilled is the highway to failure.