Finding Yourself

Finding Yourself

A definition of success I’d like to present is this: Success is using reason and faith to overcome what is natural.

The primary difference between man and all other animal has been mans ability to deal with, and overcome what is “Natural”.

While our need to breathe, drink and eat amongst other ‘natural’ needs have been common with other animals, the story of civilization has been the success that man has had in his encounters with the natural.

Man is successful as a species because he lives by the above definition.

As individuals we find too, amongst men and women, it is those who live by this definition who are more successful than others.

They, who using reason and faith overcome what others find to be natural, live more successful lives.

Indeed, failure may be defined as: – being subject to or satisfied with, the natural.

How you respond the next time you say to yourself – “It’s only natural” will be the difference between your personal success and failure.

Though as a species mankind has been extremely dissatisfied with the natural, individuals somehow increasingly want to both protect and express what they find is natural to themselves.

Make a list of things you find are natural and I assure you will find it is these items on your list that you are tripping over every day. The list of what you find and abide by because you believe it is natural causes you the most personal harm and is the sole reason for seepages of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. Or for early, or too low, ceilings on financial success.

As individuals we have not grown up if we act simply the same way we did 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago. Our responses, expectations and reactions are metaphors of the true success or failure we have experienced within.

The enemy is within.

Disguised as the honest fact of being natural.

The truth is: you can overcome. The truth is, everything needed to overcome is within your reach. The truth is: all ‘limiting’ fear is the absence of reason. Find reason. Find faith. Find success.

Success is the journey of finding yourself.

What seems natural, is only the lesser you.