Facts Are Not Truth

Facts Are Not Truth

Facts are not Truth

Well, we want to think we are continuously dealing with reality.

So we say things like “Hey! This is reality!! Suck it and continue. I’ve got a terrible boss, idiotic colleagues, stupid income, nincompoops as relatives—nothing can ever change!

I don’t hate my life but I’m not bubbling over with it either. I mean who does? That’s reality right?””

Well, Psychopaths and Lunatics are real no doubt, but for the larger number of us we are usually in the midst of the most ordinary and common circumstances undergoing possibly, the very same experiences.

Abject poverty is not what we are dealing with in our lives. Nor are we dealing with raving lunatics who have a loaded gun pointed at our heads.

The greater majority of us are simply living with a reality we have created for ourselves!

We do this, and we are convinced that what we do is right, because we possess the FACTS to display that.

But facts are simply not the truth; more possibly, facts are used to support the lie!

It sounds idiotic I know, but examine it. What are some fundamental differences between truth & lie?

Truth contains some facts but is not dependent on them. The lie is propped up solely by facts and is completely dependent on these.

One fact doesn’t change the truth, but one fact can destroy the lie.

It is a fact that your spouse is not a perfect robot; a perfect machine and can be uncaring and careless. But those who are reactive to reality use this fact to prove to themselves that the spouse does not love.

That ‘fact’ about our parents does not change the truth about their love for us, yet millions use the fact to live the reality of unsatisfactory family lives.

By the thousand, people suffer at work because of the ‘facts’ they carry in their heads about their colleagues, bosses and organisation policy.

Facts are simply not equal to truth.

Facts are a subset of truth. In contrast, the lie is a subset of facts.

Truth exists even when we don’t posses the facts about it.

The lie is born of our facts. Unlike truth, the lie cannot exist without facts.

You were born to be fulfilled; you were created for success. You were made to bubble over with joy! You were designed so that you would find it difficult to cease from your work. You were framed to be consumed with passion! With love, fun and frolic!

You are destined to feel safe, secure, wanted, needed and fulfilled, surrounded by warmth, affection and acknowledgement.

What “facts” are robbing you of this?

Try this : Compare an old passport photograph of yours with your current face in the mirror. If you choose to, there are enough “facts” to prove that you are not you in the passport.

The reason immigration is able to identify you via the old passport picture is that they look for similarities not differences.

With your partner, spouse, boss, colleague, brother, sister, neighbour, organisation: how are you using your facts?