Don't Blame The Water!

Don't Blame The Water!

Perhaps you’ve experienced this in your life – you say something, but the person you’re saying it to hears or understands something else.

By themselves, words have little meaning or power. It is our interpretation that makes words relevant for us.

It’s like water, which is a source for life but is useless for a dead person.

Water is a constant and doesn’t change. However, it has little value apart from our ability to ‘interpret’ it…. useful for the living, useless for the dead.

In the very same way, life, circumstances, and words, are a constant – useful for those with positive intent and useless for those with negative.

Why blame circumstances?

Some interpretations are almost hard-wired in us and we don’t even realise that we are living out an interpretation. It is so common, and thus, seemingly so real.

It seems such an inherent part of us that we don’t even realise sometimes that we may be doing something detrimental to ourselves. It entered our systems in such a manner that we are blind to its existence… like the boiling frog syndrome.

We don’t even realise sometimes, for example, that we act in a way, which is stating, that it is our right to benefit – even at the cost, or loss, to someone else.

And somehow, nobody else has the right to benefit at our cost!

There is zero contradiction between water and its ability to sustain life. It’s never water that’s failing in its promise, but the ability of the individual to ‘interpret’ that water. The living will always benefit. The dead cannot.

There is simply no contradiction between what life is offering and our real success and joy. Life is constant our interpretations are not.

I think it’s when we don’t love ourselves that we find our circumstances not working for us…that our lives become more of a dull fact, than a living truth.

Changing your interpretations is one way to develop tangibly, enabling success, joy and fulfillment.

If you don’t posses the stamina for continuous joy, perhaps, it is simply not life that is being unfair.

Could it be that the reason for our competition – via ideas, philosophy, skill, status, taste and identity is a need to express our hate? That perhaps if we loved ourselves we would no longer be in this “rat-race”?

That we are in effect not reacting to another individual but always only expressing our inner selves? That life becomes one kind of reality when we love self, and another form when we hate ourselves?

Only a madman would blame the water when it doesn’t bring the dead back to life. Only a lunatic would spurn the water when alive.

Life is waiting.

Don’t spurn your success and your joy.

Love yourself today.

Reinterpret. Change fear to trust. Don’t worry about running away from something. Focus on running towards something.