Choice Secrets

Choice Secrets

Two things govern all mankind from the poorest to the richest: Faith & Education.

We simply cannot escape it.

What we believe and what we learn dictates our reality. We are subject to Universal Law to pre-configured formulas. Each of us has the freedom, to simply thrash about in the water or learn to swim.

From possessing a ‘life’, to owning a ‘lifestyle’, success is a pre-programmed pre-configured formula.

The first and most fundamental law is this: We always get what we want. If you’re currently unhappy about something in your life don’t ask, “Why is this happening to me?” Ask: – “Why am I wanting this?”

If 2+2=4 always, then this formula is even more accurate: – What you experience and what you want is always equal. Man is pre-programmed in the sense that he has little control over the formula of his being. We possess the choice of setting things in motion. Having done that, the natural laws of this universe take over and we have little control thence.

Often we do not realise what we have set into motion, and are thus confused and think that we are not getting what we want. Though we think we possess the freedom and right to perceive as we choose, in reality we have already lost control of that facility once we make the choice of what we are expecting.

Our expectation of others, of ourselves, of circumstances is the only choice we are truly making. We perceive what we expect to perceive. Our actions are a result of this perception and these actions produce our reality. Our reality is irrevocably subject to our expectations. Desiring/needing something and expecting something are at two opposite ends. We may never get what we desire or feel we need. We always get what we expect.

Perceiving a circumstance as being beyond our capabilities is rarely an accurate estimation of Fact or Reality. It is simply the reflection of how we have learnt to view ourselves. In that sense, by needs of the laws of the universe and the ‘formula’ for success, a fundamental need for every human being, regardless of current stature, is to be born again.

Being born again is the process by which we are able to change the expectations we have of ourselves with reason. Above all things we are creatures of reason, and we need reason to change what we expect to perceive. Why would you expect any difference in behaviour from a person you believe dislikes you? And for some reason, a nincompoop always remains a nincompoop.

Change is inevitable we say but it rarely applies to those people (or things) we have made negative judgments about!

The coaching process operates on two precise (and even magical) turn around formulas, which changes individuals’ ability to address ‘reality’ and enables us to possess the ability to perceive things differently. To expect new things of others needs character. To expect new things of ourselves needs greater character.

Its not that we have no eyes, but that our sight blinds us – we are too often limited by what we see. The uneducated are those whose knowledge limits, or imprisons, their perception. The educated live by faith.