BMW's In Cycle Shops

BMW's in Cycle Shops

So what is it that we actually don’t know already? What is it, that we’re so ignorant about, that if we could somehow get to know we would be more successful?

So many people go about mouthing the blandest clichés and market these vociferously, with a rapidity that perhaps no machine-gun can match.

Worse: so many people go about asking questions that should’ve been voiced only if we were born yesterday or perhaps had just learnt to be articulate.

There are actually people who wait at bus stands and wonder why their train doesn’t arrive!

Sounds idiotic? Yet that’s the way millions live everyday, waiting for success, waiting for their moment even as they cling to failure.

People actually expect that their lives will change, their careers race ahead, their relationship blossom, their money exceed their needs, even as they behave in the self same way as yesterday.

The man at the Bus Stand may well have been waiting for a spaceship to arrive at the bus stand…at least his expectations would have been greater.

We eat, drink and sleep failure, and are then flummoxed that we have no success.

Success or failure is in our nature, visible easily in our way of dealing with things.

We experience one of the two continually… in the small things, in small ways, in our every day life.

I want to know the tiny successes you have. I want to celebrate the small things you’re becoming better at.

Life is not one BIG moment. It’s the culmination of billions of tiny moments. These moments characterize us. These moments define us. These predict our future.

Don’t wait for the big things. Don’t wait for the big day. Don’t wait to be a millionaire…and don’t wait for that guest to arrive before your home looks taken care of.

If we are waiting for success, have we not failed already?

This is a law you’ve been taught well: we reap as we sow.

Be afraid of the small failures. Of the little remises. Don’t let it hide in your nature. Don’t brush away a hundred areas of neglect and lack of diligence for what you perceive as one astonishing bout of success.

Success is extremely jealous. It demands our integrity. It demands we experience it constantly. It jealously guards the fact that we walk with it continually…not only in public.

Not for a fleeting 15 seconds of fame.

Success is not a one-night stand. It’s a marriage for eternity. Perhaps you’ve tried to flirt with it. Perhaps you’ve inhaled its heady perfume.

We see it in others; we dream of it ourselves.

Somehow, mystically, this lie resides in us: If we need to change, success is not worth it. Somehow this equation fuddles & muddles our thinking -: our failure too is success if it means our not having to change.

Often our barometers of success are in how we were able to get other people to change. Our loss is proportionate to their stubbornness.

Some are led to believe that, if everybody in the world changed, and they could remain the same that would be their greatest success.

It’s not surprising that, these are ones who fume, as they wait in cycle repair shops for their BMW’s to be delivered.