Are You Being Had?

Are You Being Had?

Are you happy?

Most people respond “Under the circumstances, yes.”

The real circumstance that most of us live under though, is that we are being had.

Our growing up, from infancy to adult hood, is really the story of our liberation from that which ‘had’ us, to us now ‘having’ it.

Babies for example are subject to every impulse. Every impulse “has” them. As they learn to control the impulse; as they master having the impulse, rather than the impulse having them, they develop. In the very same way, perceptions, biases, understandings, responses, fears, have us as “fully grown adults”.

As adults we are truly in the infancy of our humanness. We do not yet become men or women until we ‘have’ that, which first ‘had’ us.

Human beings operate in this fashion. We operate out of (a) illumination to the intellect and (b) impulse to the will.

This process – of illumination of the intellect and impulse to the will – is called faith.

No, Faith is not the blind belief in something. Faith is our ability to work towards something that is not yet material, with reason.

We are in reality therefore faith beings.

The problem is that faith tends to have us, rather than we having faith. This is true regardless of whether you are a religious type or not.

We are being had by the understandings and impulses we possess.

A law of this universe, as I understand it, states: “ Deterioration and disorder will occur to you regardless of your choosing it. Improvement and order needs your conscious choice and effort.”

Faith works in you without your realisation. It causes you to give into understandings and impulses that bring about deterioration of relationships, amongst other things.

Even as you work hard trying to control the outcome of things, doing the best you can, creating a safe zone for yourself you are being had by faith.

Faith is that process, which makes things seem “right” to us. It seems right to you, so you do it.

We are stuck when faith “has” us.

We are released and embark on a journey of infinite improvement when we “have” faith.

Faith has us when we act on pre-conditioned impulses and understandings. We have faith when we make conscious choices of conditioning ourselves to be in a certain way, and determinedly work towards being that conscious self.

Ask yourself: when did you decide that a certain type of response from another human being would irritate you so much?

Do you recall sitting down and saying to yourself “I will always get angry when somebody behaves in such and such manner?”

The reality is that until now you have been acting in blind faith…blindly believing that every impulse, every understanding that arose in you was REALLY YOU.

Its time to wake up and know that you can be whoever you want to be; that in reality BEING YOU is the only worthwhile pursuit of this existence.

Everything else is your mind, your impulses, your will, being used to further the cause of disorder and deterioration.

Life is not yet angry with you.

It’s you who is unwittingly rebelling against life. Unhappiness, lack of fulfillment, being happy under the circumstances, is the price we pay for it.

Everything you are doing – that product you are making, that business, that brand, that service, that career, that role, …its all very good. That’s hard work you do – and its giving you the materiality you need.

Now shouldn’t you be feeling loved, and understood? Shouldn’t you be putting away your masks; scared that you will lose everything if you showed your real self?

Have faith. Stop allowing it to have you.

Live with reason to love, to forgive. (We need to seek help when we can’t find this reason)

Stop insisting on your own way and you will discover that you are no longer being had.

Embrace, acknowledge, your fears and you will have faith.