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The Power Of Being Wrong

Most people think that they’re as nice as they’re ever going to be; that they’re as good as they ever need to be. We didn’t really decide on our aspirational inner person. We truly believe we’re already perfectly normal. We are seduced by a need to be practical, never really defining for ourselves the boundaries of

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The Most Important Goal Aspiring Coaches Need to Set

The Missing Link

One moment of rudeness, unfortunately, is greater than a hundred moments of politeness. One moment of another’s rudeness is greater than ten thousand moments of our own. If ten people around you suffered from a weakness that you did not, would it be odd if you concluded that you were that much stronger than them? This is what happens in our daily

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How to Be More Assertive? Ask For Help!

Money Rules, Cash Serves.

There is no heroism or virtue in poverty. It is as physical a disease as tuberculosis, as debilitating as AIDS. A six-pack midriff and a six zero income requires equal discipline, work, and focus. But currency is not equal to money. All currency – Rupee Dollar Euros, are accepted mediums of exchange.

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Ut tempus condimentum

Receive Your Reward

Have you noticed that we are almost constantly trying to figure out, or put together something? Idiotically enough, the better we think we’ve become the more this occurs! We all know for example how other people should drive. Or how they should speak – perhaps

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Interdum et malesuada fames

Blinding Knowledge

How we deal with what we know is the difference between humility and arrogance. The story of our progress is one of being stronger than our adversaries. Other animals have remained, as creation first discovered them, whilst man evolved through

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Fusce vel mi eget

Don't Blame The Water!

Perhaps you’ve experienced this in your life – you say something, but the person you’re saying it to hears or understands something else. By themselves, words have little meaning or power. It is our interpretation that makes words relevant for us. It’s like water, which is

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